Vic & Gail Mattice
Lake Havasu City,Az

Breeders of fine Colubrids,Pythons & Boids(and a few geckos).
We are  small private breeders of a few selected species of snakes here to serve
The beginning hobbiest to the  most discriminating breeder!
Please browse through our availalable pages to see whats for sale
Or feel free to browse some of our picture or info pages!!
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As some will notice we have changed our whole program for breeding,But we stuck withThe name " The Arizona Gecko Co."
Even though we only breed two species of geckos and about nine species of snakes..
The reason is simple we like our name!!Plus most know us as such..
So we hope this isnt a problem for any  potential snake customers
Even though we started with geckos,And still keep afew Our main hobby is to Breed quality snakes!!
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Check out our Tortoise Page!
Also take a look at our hand carved Turtle and Frog necklaces!

All pictures & articles are the property of Arizona Gecko Co.
We are not responsible or to be held reliable  for any info used directly or indirectly
from this site
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